Our team

 We have a diversified team of dedicated and committed professionals who are trained in various branches of law (Civil,Criminal, Company,Contracts,Matrimonial,Banking, Taxation,Cyber Crime etc). 

As an organisation, we believe in the philosophy of "Continuous Learning" and as a process, our employees are provided with access to various training seminar's , webinar's , law journals, libraries so as to keep themselves abreast of all the latest developments in law and taxation.

Our team strength as of date is 41 and our team composition are as follows:


We enable clients to succeed today by anticipating their challenges tomorrow

about us

We are a mid-sized law firm and we enable our clients to succeed today by anticipating their challenges tomorrow.

We adhere to highest standards across all our practice areas and sectors.

We are an ISO-27001 :2013 Certified Law firm

Our client engagement modules include

a) Litigation

b) Business Multipliers(Mergers, Acquisitions, Joint ventures, Global Outreach programs, Franchise agreements etc.

​c) Compliance​

You can reach out to us  to know more about our law firm and we will be happy to be of assistance.

​​​our value proposition

​​Our service offerings shall be of highest standards at all stages of our client’s entrepreneurship journey traversing across innovation, regulation and globalization of their products / services.​

Our service offerings are designed to support clients at all stages of innovation "from ideas to business and talent to organisation" and we further provide services to our clients in terms of  Patents, copy right, trademark etc.

We through our compliance practice ensure that our client processes remain complaint with laws, regulations, acts, rules etc at all times. 

We have broad experience in representing international and domestic clients in proceedings arising in relation to anti-dumping, countervailing, safeguard duties and other trade remedy proceedings initiated by the authorities in USA, United Kingdom, Europe, Australia, China, UAE, Qatar, Oman, Saudi Arabia and India. We also assist our clients  in obtaining statutory permissions and sanctions from various regulatory and government bodies, departments and agencies i.e., FIPB, RBI, DGCA, SIA, MoI, CLB, DoE and MoF.